Meet the BASIXX Team

A HUGE shoutout to all of the black creatives that helped bring BASIXX to life! We couldn't do this alone, so it is imperative that BASIXX highlights these talented individuals. Check them out!




 Natha Pasha (Photographer/Product Shots)

Instagram: @Callmepashaa

Natha Pasha, most commonly known as Pasha is a photographer based out of New York City. Pasha's photography career started off as a hobby, taking pictures for fun. As Pasha became more serious about her hobby, she started investing more time in studying her work and others, just to improve her skill.

 When working with Pasha, bring the energy or she'll bring it out of you. She is known to bring energy and emotion out of models while shooting. Follow her on Instagram @Callmepashaa for fresh content.


Niké Francess (Creative Direction/PA)

Instagram: @3rdCultureProd
Nike Francess is the founder of Third culture productions, a full scale production company with capabilities in video and content production, creative direction culinary consultation and full scale event planning. 

Annie Taylor (Branding/Logos)

Instagram: @annietay
 Annie Taylor is the creator of Tripp Communication. She oversees creative brand strategy and and graphic design for small business and individual brands. Annie takes pride in authenticity and abstract art where she drives ideas into tangible pieces of work.

Hayley (Model/Influencer)

Instagram: @naturalyhay
Hayley is a model and a beauty/fashion influencer from Atlanta, now living in NYC. She has a weekly blog where she talks about fashion, lifestyle and life as a model. On her YouTube channel, she showcases fashion hauls, model vlogs and beauty/hair tutorials. She has worked with a few major brands including BASIXX, with plans to expand that list. Her goal is to show her experience along the way of me becoming a full time model. If you’d like to connect with her or view her portfolio, check out her site

Anna Norman (Model/Lawyer)

Instagram: @danganna
Anna D. Norman is an Attorney at Console Mattiacci Law, practicing employment law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She is also the founder of the comedy management startup, Five Star Funny, and the gal behind the fashion blog, Closet Meets Career. 
After graduating and moving clear across the country to chase her dreams, Anna developed a renewed interest in fashion, inspired by the vibe of the Big Apple and her best friend, Basixx founder, Taylor Rhoden. Anna continues to express her fashion interests via Closet Meets Career (@closetmeetscareer) and is a proud #BasixxBabe.


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